What is the Difference Between RAM and Storage | RAM vs. Storage

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) requires two types of memory to deal with data or instructions. Random access memory i.e. RAM and storage memory. RAM modules are volatile memory chips. They hold the data. And the instructions need to be dealt with by the CPU. Before the CPU starts processing the data, RAM loads the data quickly. And that can be quickly erased. People often replace memory with storage. But there are important differences between the two. let’s take a look.

Both RAM and Storage are the internal memory of the computer. Both these memory have a very big role in the computer. Because without it no computer can work. If we talk about the main difference between RAM and Storage, then this is it. Key RAM is a temporary memory. Whereas Storage is the permanent memory of the computer. RAM is a read-write memory and Storage is a read only memory. RAM and Storage are similar names. But there is a difference between the two and both are used for different reasons.

Difference Between RAM and Storage
RAM vs. Storage

Difference Between RAM and Storage

RAM is a Read/Write memoryStorage is read only memory
RAM is used to temporarily store the data to be processed by the CPUIt stores the instructions required during the bootstrap of the computer.
RAM is a volatile memoryStorage is a nonvolatile memory
The data of RAM can be modified.The data in Storage cannot be modified.
The data store capacity of RAM varies from 64 MB to more than 16 GB.Storage is comparatively smaller than RAM.
RAM is an expensive memory.Storage is comparatively cheaper than RAM.
There are two types of RAM Static RAM and Dynamic RAMTypes of Storage are PROM, EPROM, EEPROM.
Full Name Random Access MemoryFull Name Read Only Memory

What is Storage?

The term storage generally refers to an electronic memory device used to store user data and more specifically digital data. Think of storage as book memory that information or data that takes longer to access. But is stored and accessed even after the computer is turned off. Storage memory devices use magnetic or optical media to hold information or data.

Storage devices are mostly non-volatile. In which data is stored and can remain indefinitely even when the computer is not in use or is turned off. How data is stored and accessed. Storage systems are classified based on the technologies used on it. Most computers use two types of storage. It includes primary and secondary memory.

What is RAM?

The full name of RAM is Random Access Memory. And it is also called “Direct Access Memory”. RAM is used to run any application or software. Data and instructions are stored in cells in RAM. Each cell is made up of some rows and columns. Which has its own unique address. It is also called cell path. CPU can get different data from these cells. There are two types of RAM. The full form of Static RAM is Static RAM SRAM.

In this type of RAM, data is stored using the state of a six transistor memory cell. Static RAM is mostly used as the cache memory for the processor (CPU). Second Dynamic RAM- DRAM means dynamic random access memory. It is a type of RAM. which allows each bit of data to be stored in a separate capacitor within the typical capacitor circuit. Dynamic RAM is a standard computer memory of many modern desktop computers.

Difference Between RAM and Storage
Difference Between RAM and Storage

What is the Difference Between RAM and Storage?

  • Everything is lost from memory when the computer is turned off.
  • But if you save it to your hard disk (storage), you can easily recover it.
  • Memory is faster than storage
  • Memory is less than storage
  • RAM is similar to memory, whereas hard disk is similar to storage.
  • RAM is a volatile memory.
  • It is more expensive than storage.
  • The capacity of RAM is also less than that of storage.
  • RAM is used by the CPU.
  • Storage speed is more than RAM.
  • In ROM, you can store data in MB i.e. megabyte.
  • In the same RAM, data can be stored in GB.
  • Both ROM and RAM are parts of the motherboard.
  • It is also called primary memory and working memory.
  • RAM is essential for the speed of any mobile and computer.
  • ROM is used as storage in any device.


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