What is the Difference Between Bar and Pub | Bar vs Pub

The main Difference Between Bar and Pub is that pubs often serve more filling meals than a bar. Pub and bar are both such places. where you can enjoy alcoholic beverages. They both offer food as well. But bars usually offer a minimal menu. It only has appetizers and snacks. But pubs offer more filling and hearty meals. This places the pub somewhere between a bar and a restaurant. The main difference between bar and pub is that bar is a retail business establishment that serves alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises.

A pub is generally a place for locals to hang out, drink and eat. Nightlife attracts many people to the variety of entertainment establishments. Pubs and bars are some of the places that attract the young crowd. Some like to go regularly. Bars with dance floors attract a younger crowd. But the pub attracts a more mature crowd of executives and senior executives.

Difference Between Bar and Pub
What is the Difference Between Pub and Bar

Difference Between Bar and Pub

The bar is a drinking-within entertainment venue.The pub is a drinking establishment.
The bars are seen more in cities.Pubs were once gathering in small places like villages.
Minimal food is served in bars.In addition to drinks, the pub serves food.
There is loud music in the bars.The pub has a relaxed atmosphere.
Bar is a term that is more common in the US and other western countries.In Britain and other countries with British influence is seen.
A Bar is a dining establishmentPub is a Dining Establishment
Bar is not a dance floor.Pub is not dance floor.
Bar vs Pub
Bar vs Pub

What is a Bar

The bar is also a dining establishment known for serving alcoholic beverages to its customers. Bars are more commonly seen in the US and other western countries than in the UK. Where pubs are more frequented. Bars are classy places for entertainment that serve the purpose of a nightclub in some places. There are chairs inside the bar. Where customers sit and enjoy their drinks.

There is usually entertainment in the form of a large LCD screen. But some bars offer live entertainment in the form of rock bands. Some bars also employ the services of a DJ to attract more customers. To encourage customers at odd hours, the bars offer discounts. And refer to these times as happy hours.


Cop Bars

Biker Bars

Women’s Bars

Gay Bars

Karaoke Bars

Sports Bars

College Bars

What is a Pub

The pub is derived from the name Public House. A house that is given a license to sell liquor to the public. The pub is a drinking establishment in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. In many places, pubs are considered to be the meeting places of the community. Most pubs offer a range of alcoholic products such as beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks. Cocktails are not sold at the pub. 

Some pubs also serve food such as sandwiches, fish and chips, and pastries. In a pub, customers usually order from the bar. And payment is made by order. There are different types of pubs. Such as country pubs, theme pubs sports bars, biker pubs, rock pubs, Irish pubs, goth pubs, roadhouses and microbrews. Although pubs have an age limit for serving alcohol, minors are allowed to enter if accompanied by adults.


Biker Pubs

Rock Pubs

Strip Pubs

Irish Pubs

What is the Difference Between Bar and Pub?

  • A bar is a retail trading establishment, serving alcoholic beverages.
  • The pub is a place for the locals to hang out, drink and eat.
  • The general crowd of the bar is more youthful and lively.
  • In contrast, the general crowd of pubs is more mature.
  • The bar sells alcoholic beverages. It also plays loud music, and there is a dance floor on the other side.
  • The pub serves alcoholic beverages in a relaxed atmosphere along with soul-soothing music and food.
  • Bar derives from the counter where the bartender serves drinks to the public.
  • The bar is wine, gin, beer, rum, cocktails, mocktails with very few food options.


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