What is the Difference Between Aztec and Mayan | Aztecs vs Mayans

Difference Between Aztec and Mayan – Both the Aztecs and the Mayans are ancient American civilizations. This is the main difference between Aztec and Maya. that the Aztec civilization lived in central Mexico from the 14th to the 16th century. It was spread throughout Mesoamerica. But the Maya Empire spanned a vast area in northern Central America and southern Mexico by 2600 BC. Aztec and Maya are two kingdoms or civilizations. She spread across the American continent hundreds of years ago. The Aztec civilization dates back to the pre-Columbian era.

And the Maya civilization dates back to the pre-classical period. Civilizations flourished in Central and South America until the arrival of Christopher Columbus and other European settlers. They built huge cities, huge temples and a vast network of roads and bridges. They had advanced methods of irrigation, agriculture and engineering. He had practiced religions. He was proficient in astronomy and mathematics. Although each has its own unique culture and contribution to the world.

Difference Between Aztec and Mayan
Mayan vs Aztec

Difference Between Aztec and Mayan

The Aztec civilization inhabited central Mexico from the 14th to the 16th centuries.The Maya Empire spread over a vast landscape in northern Central America and southern Mexico by 2600 BC.
The Aztecs spoke the Nahuatl language. The Maya spoke several languages.
Aztecs spoke Yucatec, Maya, Ke’che, Kaqchikel, Sacapultec, Chola, Teco and Tojolabal languages.Yucatec Maya was the most widely spoken Maya language.
The Aztec civilization dates back to the pre-Columbian era. The Maya civilization dates back to the pre-classical period.
The Aztecs practiced the Aztec religion. The Mayans practiced Maya Dharma.
Aztecs used quicheli and cocoa beans as currency.The Mayans used cocoa seeds, salt, obsidian or gold.

What is Mayan?

The Maya civilization was one of the most prominent pre-Columbian civilizations in Mesoamerica. It was located in the expanses of Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, along with modern-day southern Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula. The Maya civilization began as early as 2000 BC and lasted for 3000 years until the Spanish conquest in 1519 AD. The Maya were a collection of city-states. which was ruled by kings and priests. 

He built massive step pyramids out of limestone. who served as their deities in the temples. Religion was at the heart of their culture and determined every aspect of daily life. They practiced sacrifices to please the gods, including human sacrifices, in temples. Cities included palaces, houses, markets or plazas and game courts for their favorite game of “poke-a-tok”. The game was popular throughout Mesoamerica and was played with a rubber ball on a large court with stone hoops. 

The cities around him were farms with sophisticated methods of irrigation to produce crops such as corn, beans, squash, tomatoes, chili peppers, cocoa, and avocados. The Maya had tools made of wood, stone, and obsidian, a volcanic rock. He also cultivated cotton. They weaved cloth for blankets and clothing. They used vegetable dyes to color their clothes and also decorated them with fringes, feathers and ornaments.

What is Aztec?

The Aztec civilization was located east of the Maya in central Mexico. It was extended from 1428 to 1521. They were conquered by the Spanish conquistadors led by Hernán Cortés. The Aztecs had a diverse set of city-states, similar to the Maya. The largest city-states, Tlacupan, Tenochtitlan and Texcoco were tied together in 1428. They shared a language, Nahuatl which is still spoken today. Over time the Mexica conquered other tribes and city-states.

His empire extended from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico in central and southern Mexico. Tenochtitlan was a huge city on an island in the middle of Lake Texcoco. There were massive temples and an urban center. The Aztecs built aqueducts, canals, dams, causeways, and roads. which united the whole empire. These roads allowed the trade of goods and customs across thousands of miles. The Aztec Empire had 5-6 million people in the early 1500s.

The Aztecs were advanced in agriculture and irrigation. He grew crops such as corn, beans, squash, potatoes, tomatoes and avocados. The Aztecs were truly progressive in that they were one of the first civilizations to provide every child, regardless of social status, to attend school. They had a written language. He played a game with a rubber ball and stone ends, his name was Taltali. The Aztecs also developed medicines and steam baths using herbs to cure ailments.

Similarities Between Aztec and Mayan

  • During the time of both the civilizations there was monarchy.
  • Both the Aztecs and the Maya built pyramids.
  • The main crop grown by both was maize.
  • Both the civilizations were highly dependent on agriculture.
  • Both did not use animals or wheeled vehicles for travel and transport.
  • During the time of both civilizations, human sacrifice was prevalent as a mode of worship.

Difference Between Aztecs and Mayans | Aztec vs Mayan

  • The Aztecs believed in human sacrifice.
  • The Maya believed in blood transfusion.
  • Mayans had a scientific mind and studied the stars.
  • Aztecs used to be like war.
  • The Mayans had city-states each ruled by a sovereign ruler.
  • The Aztecs were ruled by a supreme ruler.
  • Aztecs called the god Quetzalcoatl and the Mayans Kukuln.
  • The Maya style of art was true to life.
  • It had representations of contemporary life in murals.
  • The Aztecs Were Excellent Craftsmen and Sculptors
  • The Aztecs spoke Nahuatl. If Maya used to speak Maya.


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