What is the Difference between Cc And Bcc

Difference between Cc And Bcc – In today’s digital age, everyone uses Gmail. Through this people exchange and give information to each other. But have you ever noticed? That when you mail or find someone. So there are two options in that. First Cc and second Bcc. What is the meaning of this? And what is it used for. Have you ever paid attention to this? If you have noticed then do you know the meaning and use of both of these.

When we mail someone, then to whom do you have to mail it. There are three types of options for this. Which are used according to your preference. When you mail someone, in the compose section who you want to mail. There are three options for that. First To, second Cc and last Bcc. Now it depends on you what type of mail you want to do.

What is CC and BCC in Email?

Friends, if you send and receive emails everyday. So it is very important for you to know about Cc and Bcc. Because by using it you can send email well and also save your time.

What is Bcc?

Bcc is also called “Blind Carbon Copy”. We use it when we mail everyone together but we do not want everyone to know who else is included in the list of these mails. Like we have a home business. In which we mailed a bill to the customer and also mailed the same bill to some of our household members in Bcc.

By which the customer got his bill and he will pay us from that bill. And the rest got that mail for the record. That this customer has such a bill. And also in Bcc, when the customer will reply to us, then the rest of the people will not even know about it. Because only the sender gets to know the reply in this. And none of those who have been kept in Bcc or To will not even know to whom this mail has been sent.

What is Cc?

When you want to send the same mail to many people. And they also want that every receiver does not know that to whom the same mail has been sent. So you can send mail by putting everyone in To with “,”. You have to send the same document to many customers and you do not want all the customers to know each other. So all of you can put in to in one mail. In this it will happen that every customer will also get your information and he will not even know that you have sent the same document to others.

Cc stands for “Carbon Copy or Carbon Copy”. What happens in it? That when you mail to any one as well as they want. That these same mails reach more people and everyone should also know that to whom you have sent this mail. You can keep the main person in To and keep the rest in Cc. This is mostly done when there is some office work.

This information should be available to more people like department and employees, director, human resource. So he will keep everyone else in that Cc and the one who wants to hire will keep it in To. There is also a function of Cc that any one of the people who have received this mail in it, does any kind of revert. So it is visible to all the other members. This is the option used for completely transparent mail.

Difference between Cc and Bcc

In Cc, we keep everyone and mail it when we want everyone to know about it.

Everyone should also know that who knows this mail.

Whereas in Bcc, we keep people when we do not want everyone to know who has information about that mail.

Cc is a transparent mail that you have done whereas in Bcc mail everything is hidden.

In Cc, people know that to whom this mail has gone apart from them.

Whereas in Bcc people do not know to whom this mail has gone.

In Cc, the reply of each member is visible to everyone else.

Whereas in Bcc, only the sender can see the reply of anyone and the rest are not aware of it.


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