Smartphone Input may go through keypad or touchscreen.

Tablet Input goes through touchscreen and same for output.

Smartphone People always carry it with them even at work.

Tablet People may bring it with them but mostly use it at home.

Smartphone It only has personal usage and not shared with anyone else.

Tablet It has many other uses within organizations and educational institutes and used for teaching and documenting purposes.

Smartphones and tablets are the hottest gadget at the moment.

The main difference between tablets and smartphones is clearly the size.

Tablets are much larger than smartphones, and screen size is usually the basis of measurement.

The tablet always has a touch screen, and input passes the screen and is so output.

On the other hand, smartphones only have personal use and are not shared with others.

Mobile line now continues to run on processors with high handling speeds combined with low power use.

Various gadgets run Google Android OS, HP WebOS, and Microsoft Windows Phone.