Gopher refers to the burrowing rodent with fur-lined pouches on the outside of the cheeks, found in North and Central America.

Groundhog refers to a small North American mammal with short legs and rough, reddish-brown fur.

Gopher is native to North and Central America

Groundhog is native to the United States and North America.

Gopher belongs to the family Geomidae

Groundhog belongs to the family Scuridae.

About 35 species of gophers have been identified.

The scientific name of groundhog is Marmota monax.

Gophers can grow to be 6 to 8 inches tall

Groundhogs can grow to be 16 to 20 inches tall.

The gopher and the groundhog is that the gopher has fur-lined cheek pockets for storing food

Groundhogs have a thick physique and ephemeral legs.

Gophers can weigh up to 230 grams