DAP fertilizers are sources of nitrogen and phosphorus.

D.A.P. You can give it in your field at the time of sowing of crop

There are three component fertilizers in NPK fertilizer which are most useful for agricultural purposes.

The full form of NPK is Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium.

The full name of DAP fertilizer is Diammonium phosphate, which is the most widely used phosphorus fertilizer in the world.

Dap Fertilizer Hard, grainy, brown, black, almond color is not easily removed from the nails.

Npk Fertilizer White shiny, round grains of approximately equal size.

D.A.P. Taking some grains of tobacco and rubbing it with lime like tobacco gives a pungent smell, which becomes unbearable to smell.

Dissolving completely in water and cooling sensation on touching the solution.

When heated on a griddle on low flame, the grains swell.

It melts when placed on a hot pan and on increasing the flame, no residue remains.

With that the IUPAC name of this compound is diammonium hydrogen phosphate. And it is water soluble ammonium phosphate.

D.A.P. You can give it in your field at the time of sowing of crop, apart from this you can give it in small quantity after every 15 days so that your crop can get good yield.