A biography is a detailed account of a person's life written by someone else.

Whereas the autobiography is written by the subject himself.

Vani can be written in respect of (authorised) or without permission (unauthorized) person/heir.

Autobiographies are self-written

There is a possibility of factual mistakes in the information.

No authorization is required.

Biographies contain information that is collected from various sources.

Biographies are written by the subject himself, therefore, the author presents the facts and his own thinking in his own way.

In an autobiography, the author uses the first statement

Biography is opposed from the third person point of view

In autobiography writing, believing the things said by the author, it is considered true.

Autoethnography is a form of qualitative research in which an author uses self-reflection and writing to explore real and personal experience.

Autoethography is a research method based on the self-reflection of the author.