What Is the Difference between Receipt and Invoice | Invoice vs. receipt

Difference between a receipt and an invoice – This looks like a simple question. Everyone receives a receipt for payment for purchases at a mall or supermarket. But you raise an invoice for a good or service you supply to a retailer or manufacturer. There are many people who think so. That the differences between receipt and invoice are too deep and confusing. This article will find out if there is something hidden that has a different meaning. Documenting every transaction is important for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Without records of purchases, returns or exchanges, it is impossible to keep your finances in order, track your business taxes, or monitor your company’s performance. It is equally important for your customers to document the transaction, for their own financial records, and in the event that they have a problem with their order. As a business owner, you need to determine what is the best record keeping method for your organization.

What Is the Difference between Receipt and Invoice
What Is the Difference between Receipt and Invoice

Difference between Receipt and Invoice

The receipt is issued by the seller to the buyer after the final payment.Invoice is a commercial document issued by Seller to Buyer to request payment
Issued after payment.Issued before payment.
To act as a proof that the goods purchased have been paid for.To record the details of the goods sold, but the payment is yet against it.
Quantity, unit price, receipt number, discount, tax, total amount paid and method of payment.Quantity, Unit Price, Invoice Number, Discount, Tax and Total Payable.
The receipt indicates the total amount paid along with the mode of payment.Invoice indicates the total amount.
There are details about buyer and sellerThere are details about buyer and seller

What is a receipt?

Receipt is proof of payment. It is a document that confirms that a customer received the goods or services for which they paid a business. The business was properly compensated for the goods or services sold to the customer. But businesses are not legally required to provide receipts for all transactions. Receipts can be given to the customer either physically or electronically.

In brick and mortar businesses are printed or written on the spot. But some also provide electronic receipts sent via email. Many e-commerce businesses send email receipts immediately after a customer makes a purchase. Some may choose to mail it physically when sending products for delivery. Receipts are an important proof-of-shopping document for both customers and businesses. If customers have a problem with a product or want to return or exchange it.

How to write a receipt

Creating a receipt is much simpler than creating an invoice. Because receipts are much less detailed. But they still contain important information about the transaction. They do not require a unique identification number or customer information. But every receipt issued by you must include the following information.

Business name, logo and contact information

date of sale

An itemized list of products and services sold

Cost of each product and service sold

any discount or coupon

The total amount paid, including any sales tax or duty.

What is an invoice?

What do you do if you are a raw material supplier to a factory to receive payment for the final consignment? You clearly please send a message to the factory owner through your employee to pay the invoices sent by you earlier and that has fallen due. Hence the invoice is a reminder for the payment and it contains the details of the items you paid, along with the rates, total amount and payment terms.

An invoice is a bill that covers taxes you must pay to the government in order to receive payment. It is a document which is a proof that you have supplied the specified quantity of materials and the rate stated to the party and it entitles you to payment from the party within the specified period or on the specified date.

How to write an invoice

Invoicing is very simple. But there are some important elements. These elements are one of the biggest differences between invoice and receipt. The invoice usually contains more information about the transaction and its terms than the receipt. It is necessary to have the following information in it.

Business name, logo and contact information

Customer name and contact information

a unique invoice number

Invoice creation date

Date of payment and any other terms of payment

All acceptable forms of payment

Detailed description of all purchased goods and services including price and quantity

The total amount outstanding including any taxes and fees.


Both are part of the buying cycle.

These are both business documents.

Both contain details about the buyer and seller.

Both of these are legally non-negotiable instruments.

What Is the Difference Between an Invoice and a Receipt?

  • When we transact any goods, its record is called bill.
  • At the same time, the record sent after the shipping of the product or service is an invoice.
  • The bill usually contains information about name, mobile number, date, money and goods.
  • Name, customer I’d, account related information is also given in the invoice.
  • Bill & Invoice can be in both hardcopy and soft copy
  • Bill is given in most of the offline business.
  • While invoice is given in most of the online business
  • Bill Vader.
  • Invoice is always given through delivery man


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