Difference Between Mandrill and Baboon | Mandrill vs Baboon

The main difference between mandrill and baboon is that mandrill is a species of primate. And baboons are a genus of mammals. Mandalil and Bambu are two of the most interesting creatures in Africa, and many people see. Even after seeing that animal get them wrong. Therefore, it will always be important to understand the characteristics of these incredible animals. It will be beneficial for even an educated person to read about animals, especially these interesting creatures.

Baboons and mandrills are types of monkeys, but people still get confused between the two species. Although they all look quite similar and share some similar characteristics, there are differences in their behavior, habitat, and habits. Let us understand and compare the differences between these two mammals. This article gives a comparison with brief descriptions based on both mandrill and bamboo.

Difference Between Mandrill and Baboon
Baboon vs Mandrill

Difference Between Baboon and Mandrill?

Baboons include five different species.Mandrill is a species.
The Baboons are more colourful.The mandrill is less coloured.
Baboons are found in African as well as Arabian habitats.Mandrills are found only in Africa.
The genitals of baboons are pink or red in color.The genitals of the mandrill are multicolored.
The baboon has a long pink muzzle.The mandrill has a dark elongated muzzle with blue streaks and red lips and nose.
Baboon is smaller than mandrill.Mandrill is bigger than baboon.
Baboons have more brown fur.Mandrills have more black fur.

Who is a Mandrill?

The mandrill (Mandrilus sphinx) is a geese and primarily land-dwelling monkey. It lives in the rainforests of equatorial Africa, from the Sanaga River (Cameroon) south to the Congo River. The mandrill is thick-bodied and has a short tail, prominent brow ridges, and small, close, sunken eyes. Adult males have bare skin patches on both the face and buttocks. The cheeks on its face are ribbed and range in color from bright blue to purple with red along the bridge and end of the nose.

Buttock pads are pink to red in color. The fur on its long body is olive to brown, and the fur on the short beard and neck is yellow; The eyes are framed in black. The adult male is about 90 cm long, including the tail stubble, and weighs up to 35 kg (77 lb). It makes it the largest of the Old World monkeys. The female, with a bare face and buttocks, is dull in color and quite small, about 13 kg (29 lb). Like baboons, females develop swellings on their hindquarters when they mate.

Difference Between Mandrill and Baboon
Mandrill vs. Baboon

Who is a Baboon?

Baboons, (genus Papio) are one of five species of large robust and terrestrial monkeys seen in the arid expanses of Africa and Arabia. Male Chakma baboons of the largest species are 30 kg (66 lb), or females just half that size. The smallest is Hamdriya or the sacred baboon. In this, the weight of males is about 17 kg and that of females is 10. Baboons are 50 to 115 cm (20–45 in) long. It has a 45-70-cm tail. All species have long snouts with the nostrils located at the end. Male baboons have long dagger-like canine teeth.

Unlike most monkeys, some baboons live in tropical forests. Out of that, the savanna is visible in semi-arid expanses. where they roam on the ground. But they regularly climb trees and sleep. They sometimes eat a variety of plants and animals while feeding. It includes seeds, fruits, pods, roots and tubers of grasses and grasses. They also eat burrows of rodents, birds and even gazelle that they find hiding in the tall grass.

What is the Difference Between Mandrill and Baboon?

  • Mandrill has a black coat while baboons have brown fur.
  • The Mandrill is native only to Africa while baboons are endemic to Africa and Arabia.
  • Mandrill is one species while there are five baboon species.
  • Baboon has pink stretched muzzle while Mandrill has dark stretched muzzle with blue ridges and red lips.
  • The appearance of Mandrill is more colorful as compared to a baboon.


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