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Hello friends welcome to Difference Between Capsules and Tablets. Almost all of you have to use pills and capsules in your life time, but very few people know what is the difference between pills and capsules? Today in this article we will know what the difference between pills and capsules and how many types of capsules exist. Doctors prescribe medicines in the form of capsules and tablets. Tablets in the form of a flat tablet and almost cylinder capsules.

Tablets can be cut into two, while capsules cannot be cut in two. Capsules are powder or jelly closed in soluble gelatin containers. This tablet is a compressed powder in solid form. The tablet is coated with sugar or similar substances, which means that the drug contained in it will not immediately enter the bloodstream. But, the medicine in the capsule is known to immediately enter the bloodstream.

Difference Between Capsules and Tablets

Difference Between Capsules and Tablets

Capsules are mostly hygroscopic.Tablets are not hygroscopic.
Capsules contain the drug in liquid, solid or semisolid forms.Tablets contain only the drugs in solid form. 
Capsules have less shelf life.Tablets have more shelf life.
Capsules can’t be split in half.Tablets can be cut in half.   
Capsules consist of powder or Jelly enclosed inside a water-soluble shell.Tablets consist of powder compressed into a solid form.   
Capsules are more expensive than tablets.Tablets are less expensive.   
The drug will not be released into the bloodstream directly. The drug release occurs very slowly.The drug will be released into the bloodstream directly and fastly.
Capsules are available in very few shapes and sizes.Tablets are available in more shapes and sizes . 
The drug will not be released into the bloodstream directly. The drug release occurs very slowly.The drug will be released into the bloodstream directly and fastly. 
Capsules consist of an outer shell made up of gelatin.Tablets are generally coated with sugar to mask bitter or unpleasant tastes. 

What is a Capsule? 

Capsules including drugs that are covered in the outer skin. This outer skin is broken down in the digestive tract and drugs absorbed into the bloodstream and then distributed and metabolized in the same way as drugs from tablets. There are two types of main capsules: hard and soft gel.

Soft gel capsules

The soft-gel capsule has a slightly different appearance of hard peeled capsules. They are usually wider and usually semi-transparent compared to opaque. Also known as liquid gel, contains drugs that are suspended in gelatin or similar substances. This substance is easily digested, when the active ingredient is released and absorbed.

Difference Between Capsules and Tablets

Hard shelled capsules

The outer part of the hard peeled capsules consists of two parts. One and a half right in the other to form a closed casing. The inside is filled with dried drugs in the form of powder or pellet. Other hard skin capsules contain drugs in liquid form. This is known as a hard capsule containing liquid (LFHC). LFHCS airtight allows for one pill to load more than one drug. Therefore, they are ideal for dual-action or extended-release formulas.

What is a Tablet?

The tablet is the most common type of pill. They are a cheap, safe and effective way to provide oral drugs. This drug unit is made by compressing one or more powdered ingredients to form a hard, solid, and subtle pill that is damaged in the digestive tract. In addition to active ingredients, most tablets contain additives that unite pills and increase taste, texture, or appearance.

Tablets can be round, oval, or disc-shaped. Tablet Oblong is known as a caplet, which can be easier to swallow. Some have lines printed in the middle, making it easier to divide into two. Some tablets have a special layer that prevents them to strike in the stomach. This coating helps ensure that the tablet will only dissolve after entering the small intestine. Other tablets come in a form that can be chewed, or as a soluble oral tablet (ODT), which breaks itself in saliva.

This type of tablet can be very helpful for people who have difficulty swallowing. In each case, the detailed tablet drug is finally absorbed into your bloodstream. The dissolved drug moves into your heart and then is distributed to one or more target areas in your body so that it can do its job. Throughout this process, the drug experienced chemical changes, known as metabolism. It was finally excrimed in your urine or feces.

Difference Between Capsules and Tablets
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What’s the Difference Between Capsules and Tablets

  • A pill is a medicine that is coated with sugar or something else.
  • The capsule is filled with a powdery or oil-like substance.
  • Manufacturing of capsules is more expensive than tablets.
  • The pill is cheaper than the capsule.
  • The capsule can be swallowed easily.
  • There may be some difficulty swallowing the pill.
  • Bullets can easily split or break.
  • It does not dissolve quickly by going inside the body like a capsule.
  • The medicine in the capsule is known to enter the bloodstream immediately
  • Pills also have longer shelf life and longer duration than capsules
  • Known for maintaining its potential.
  • Tablets are available in various shapes and sizes.
  • Capsules have less capacity and do not come in different sizes.
  • Tablets are considered less expensive than capsules.
  • Capsules are easier to swallow than tablets.


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